Descriptosaurus Ghost Stories

Pitch black beyond Flickering light in the darkness Hidden by the staircase To the front door Towards the room from ... on the stairs Paused at the top of the stairs Sat down on the steps Huddled in the darkness underneath the stairs ...

Descriptosaurus  Ghost Stories

Descriptosaurus: Ghost Stories builds on the vocabulary and descriptive phrases introduced in the original bestselling Descriptosaurus and, within the context of ghost stories, develops the structure and use of the words and phrases to promote colourful cinematic writing. This essential guide will enable children to take their writing to the next level, combine their descriptions of setting and character and show how the two interact. Children can then experiment with their own ghost stories, armed with the skills, techniques and vocabulary necessary to describe their ghostly scenes in a way that allows the reader to feel the characters’ fear and visualise the source of their terror within the setting. This new system also provides a contextualised alternative to grammar textbooks and will assist children in acquiring, understanding and applying the grammar they will need to improve their writing, both creative and technical.

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